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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

NOW AVAILABLE... Powder Brow Cosmetic Tattoo

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Bringing the next level of beauty
to Rarotonga...

We offer the latest services and technology from Rarotonga's only Medi Spa.
Our boutique clinic specialises in cosmetic & skin rejuvenation injectables & advanced skin therapies as well as laser hair removal and cosmetic teeth whitening.

Please see below for services and pricing.

Botox Injections

Muscle Relaxing Injections

Muscle relaxing injections treat lines caused by everyday muscle movement, like smiling, frowning and squinting, creating a more youthful appearance.

Book a FREE 30 minute confidential consultation with our NZ & CI Registered Nurse - Aroha Paitai

Treatment - POA

Epi LED Laser Hair Reduction

“Our laser means no more razor”

The results from this new technology LED light system speak for themselves. Extremely effective on a wide range of skin types in a minimal amount of time.


Upper Body                Single         6 Prepay

Upper Lip                    25.0            125.0 

Sides of Face              50.0             250.0 

Lip & Chin                   45.0             225.0

Chin                             29.0             145.0

Full Face                     60.0             300.0

Front of Neck             55.0             275.0 

Under Arm                 50.0              250.0

Areola                         35.0              175.0

Upper Arm                 99.0              495.0 

Lower Arm                 110.0            550.0

Full Arm                     150.0            750.0 

Hands & Fingers        50.0              250.0 

Stomach                    145.0            725.0 

Snail Trail                   30.0              150.0

Full Body                   445.0            2225.0 

Spot Treatment         50.0              250.0 

Lower Body

Bikini                          55.0              275.0 

G’String                     60.0             300.0 

Brazillian                    95.0             475.0 

Upper Leg                140.0            700.0 

Lower Leg                 130.0           6 50.0 

Full Leg                     200.0          1000.0 

Feet & Toes                50.0            250.0 


Upper Body                Single         6 Prepay

Front of Neck             60.0             300.0 

Back of Neck              60.0             300.0 

Nipple                         35.0             175.0 

Chest                          100.0           500.0 

Stomach                      99.0            495.0 

Chest & Stomach      150.0           750.0 

Half Back                    125.0           625.0 

Full Back                    170.0            850.0 

Full Back & Front      200.0          1000.0 

Back & Shoulders     185.0            925.0 

Under Arm                  60.0            300.0

Upper Arm                125.0            625.0 

Lower Arm                115.0            575.0 

Full Arm                    170.0            850.0

Hands & Fingers        50.0            250.0

Lower Body

Upper Leg                145.0            725.0 

Lower Leg                135.0             675.0 

Full Leg                    250.0           1250.0

Feet & Toes                50.0            250.0

* All prices are an indication only and may vary due to individuals’ concerns. Upon consultation, the price will be confirmed based on area size and area of the treatment.

Please shave the day/night before the treatment.

Trimming fees may incur a charge of $15 - $35.

Coral Flowers
Laser Hair Removal


(also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or Dermal Needling)

A minimally invasive micro-needling therapy to stimulate collagen production, enhance skin texture and give you ultimate skin rejuvenation. Remove dead skin cells, encourage cell turnover, brightening of the skin and increase hydration. Infuse serums to target your skin issues, pigmentation, or fine lines. LED Light Therapy can be used with this treatment.

Options in clinic – Corrective Dermal Needling for your more targeted therapy.

Downtime: Some redness 24 hours after treatment
Discomfort Level: Topical anaesthesia optional


Advanced Micro Needling Package – Full Face & Neck

Introductory Price $299 per session 

3 Treatment Package $799

*Extra areas can be added - POA

3 month treatment protocol available, please discuss your personal requirements with your therapist.

Consultation required.

For this treatment please book a FREE consultation.




Dermapass Full Face 349.0

Dermapass Cheeks (acne scars) 199.0

Dermapass Face + Neck 499.0

Dermapass Face+Neck+Chest 599.0

3 month treatment protocol available, please discuss your personal requirements with your therapist.

Consultation required.

Please Book a FREE Consultation

*Payment options available

O2 Skin Infusion

O2 Skin Infusion Facials

Non-invasive skin booster.

An Oxygen Infusion Treatment increases circulation, improves skin texture, detoxify the skin, restore cell nourishment, and stimulate collagen production leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Perfect before an event or special occasion.

There is no down time associated with the oxygen treatment, with the treatment being safe for all skin types.

Choose from:

Oxygen Skin Infusion -
includes 2 serum vials infused with O2 

30 minutes 75.0

Oxygen Skin Infusion PLUS -

LED Light Therapy Mask added.

45 minutes 95.0

Oxygen Skin Infusion DELUX-

Epi LED Laser Skin Rejuvination and LED Light Therapy Mask added.

60 minutes 125.0

Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 10.02.38 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 10.23.01 AM.png

LED Light Therapy

LED SKINCARE MASK: Ultra Low-Frequency Light Therapy System


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves skin texture and tone

  • Minimizes acne and blemishes

  • Boosts collagen production

LED Light Therapy Mask 

15 minutes 35.0​

Mini Facial finished with LED Light Therapy Mask

30 minutes  65.0

LED Therapy

Teeth Whitening

Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

3 sessions in one sitting - 60 minute treatment for only 199.0

Top up only 99.0

Painless and effective -
up to 8 shades lighter after your first visit.

Female white toothy smile
Teeth Whitening
B Cream.jpg

Skin Care

Genosys Boost Facial

(includes facial massage, cleanse, exfoliating peel, tone, mask and a nourishing vitamin moisture treatment)

60 minutes 125.0 

Get the right products for

YOUR skin

Book a FREE Skin Consultation and one of our team will advise you on the right products for you.

BB Cream.jpg
Skin Care
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